Boarder closure in naija
Anonymous Nov 19, 01:22 PM

Boarder closure in naija 2

Hloe guys. What do you think about the issue of boarder closure in nigeria? Has it affect any one of you in any way?


Hamis Ahmad Nov 19, 01:28 PM
i think its a good thing that the federal government has done because it will increase our GDP and we will be producing what we consume (rice especially) instead of importing
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phartymerh Nov 21, 08:22 PM
Border closure is good for the country but common Nigerians will not understand this simple thing. we should be exporting not importing
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Anonymous Nov 25, 08:09 AM
The Nigerian government is not saying don't bring in any thing, but rather it says bring your goods through air and seaport where you can do legitimate business
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Mr. Aulaz Nov 25, 02:46 PM
the land border closure will reduce importation into the country sosai and its good for the economy
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hatty Dec 21, 08:58 PM
So far, i heard that there have been many issues arising since the boarder closure that have resulted into serious hardship for Nigerians. so what is the truth? was it a wise decision or not?
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