Anonymous Jul 6, 05:19 AM

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I have a problem that I've been battling with for the past ten Years,I am addicted to masturbation, i don't know how to Stop it, All my efforts to get rid of this bad Habit went down the drainI got married few months ago, immediately after s** with my Husband I will hide and perform the act again, the problem is eating me up. Please I need your help and advise me


phartymerh Jul 6, 10:03 AM
please read the comments on this post, just click you will find it helpful
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Abdussamad Ali Bunawa Jul 6, 08:44 PM
Try reciting this dua’a inshaa ALLAH u’ll Get rid of it”Allahumma habbib ilayyal imana wa zayyanahu fi qalbi wa karraha ilayyal kufra wal fusuqa wal isyan waja’alni minarrashideen. And Allahumma inni as’aluka an tarfa’a zikri wa taba’a wizri watudahhir qalbi wa tu hassin farji wa tunawwir qalbi waddarajatul Ula minal jannah
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Maryam Jul 9, 09:02 AM
Be praying and be fasting just put it in your mind you will stop it. Insha Allah you will
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Ayesha audu Jul 10, 12:37 PM
when will you people stop mentioning "pray, pray, pray" when someone comes to ask for advice. if you don't have any solid thing to say just keep quiet. anyone can mention prayer as advise. people are asking for something they can actually do themselves in terms of actions. sorry sister I am just sick of seeing this type of advice no offence to you please.
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Anonymous_#1 Jul 10, 11:30 PM
i am a guy also facing this issue it is very difficult to stop and i made a decision about it recently. i have been addicted to porn and masturbation for 4 years there is nothing i can do about it i have give up any efforts to stop and i accept it to stay in my life. i am not encouraging you to do the same but it will reach a level that it is impossible to stop if you have not reach that yet do something about it before it takes you to the dead end of no turning back.
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Ameena Jul 14, 02:06 PM
Stay around people more. Avoid being alone. Make duas and increase the rate of your dhikir
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ahmad lamin Jul 14, 02:11 PM
Is a bad thing to do gaskia. Find a way to do away with it. In religion its haram, healthwise is not good either.
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Sa'ada Jul 14, 07:38 PM
Dear poster please whenever you feel the urge to do that kiyi ta istighfar koh kiyi ta ayatul kursiyu kina addu'a and keep remembering death can come to you at anytime what if you die doing it I'm sure you wouldn't like that lastly ask your Mom If she's still alive to pray for you kehma kuma kidinga daurewa kina tashi da dare kiyi nafila ki roqi ALLAH ya yaye miki har sadaka edan da Hali I pray ALLAH ya yaye miki soon
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Auwal Kokara Dec 17, 09:29 AM
masturbation is the horrible act wimhich is being practice by both men and woman am a victim of that act even though am married with 2 kids i should find the way of reducing your imagination during sex you should focuse on your husband put him in heart avoid waching explicit movies draw your desire to your husband. thing it will be helpful.the most embrassing thing about masturbation is even if you have sex comfortably you will not get a maximum satisfaction unless and untill you masturbate to what was your mine.Allah ya bamu mafita ya duba zukatan mu yara bamu da wannan aiki
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