Something very horrible i did in the past
Anonymous Jun 25, 08:51 PM

Something very horrible i did in the past 0

till this day i still regret and feel ashamed of something i did since during my university days (4years yanzu). i fear kuma it doesn't happen to my daughter or close relative. i actually drug raped a girl and left her unconscious kuma nayi threatening dinta not to tell or i will publicize her nude pix. tsakani da Allah nayi regretting kuma i wish i can see her and deeply apologize to her i dont know what got into me that day amma yanzu i am a changed person. i can try finding her through Facebook do you think i should send her an apology message i really want her to forgive me kuma ina so in bata hakuri kuma Allah ya yafe min or what is the best way i can achieve this? please don't judge me but advise me


Nasz Jun 26, 08:01 AM
Walh if i were you,i will do everything in my power to look for that girl and deeply apologize to her,infact i will cry like a baby until she forgive me,Subhanallah what you did was truly painful and hard to take,but we are all humans and to "Err is Human and to forgive is Divine" Please brother make sure she forgives you,May the Almighty forgive us All...Ameen
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Rukayyah Alkali Jun 26, 07:48 PM
Eyyah, dear u did something very very bad, dats y Allah(SWA) ya haramta mana shaye shaye, cox mutum ya fita a hankalinshi ya aikata laifukan da zezo yana regretting, but its nt too late, u shld pls do istigfar, and pls find her, apologize and if possible marry her
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Sirdiq_hafiz Jun 26, 08:31 PM
Try finding her my brother, but if u couldn't, don't despair from asking for forgiveness from Allah. Allah (SWT) said: "oh you people who have cheated themselves (by commenting numerous sins) do not despair from the rahma(blessings) of Allah, verily HE (Allah) forgives all sins for HE is the most forgiving, the merciful!!
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Ayesha audu Jun 27, 08:55 PM
Ameen. I also suggest he does everything in his power to look for her physically and apologize. only God knows the psychological pain he has cursed her just sending her a message on social media for such a big thing is not enough to me.
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Hindat Jun 29, 09:45 PM
Masha Allah the best of human is someone who does wrong nd try to correct it. Allah yasa kaganta, kayawaita istigfar insha Allah God will forgive u. here is a piece of advice fr us all shiyasa Allah yaharamta muyagun ayyuka kuma yace kada mu kusanci zina don haka shaye shaye da duk wasu dabi'u marasa kyau hanyace da zaikai mutum ga zina pls mukiyaye
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Halieyliey Jun 30, 05:06 AM
Assalam dear poster...First I'll say to you congratulations This is because for you to have feel this regret then it means Allah yana sonka da rahma sabida shi haqqi na mutum Allah baya yafewa sai idan shi mutum ya yafeh Find her Apologize sincerely and seek for forgiveness from Allah the almighty Sai dai that fear of not wanting something similar done to ur sister or daughter..You should know that the prophet Muhammad(SAW) said whomever transgresses his lines on any female should bear in mind that the circle will one day fall on him too But then Allah is oft forgiving.. So find her n if possible marry her
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Hannerh Jul 2, 04:36 PM
Better try your best to obtain her forgiveness ko kuma you will be in a big trouble in the hereafter.
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Anonymous Jul 2, 09:52 PM
Thank you guys for the replies. i was able to get her on whatsapp through an old friend. i wrote a long apology to her then she read and said "she will never forgive me that i must face the punishment of what i did Allah must punish me, i am evil". i started begging her, before i knew it she blocked me. yanzu hankali na ya tashi tun jiya wallahi am deeply sorry i dont know what to do this is my biggest regret in life i don't know if i can get help on what do next or any du'a i can use to make resolve this, can Allah forgive me if i turn to him? please help me i am very worried and scared of what will happen to me if i die with this and i can't discuss this with anyone except here.
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