Should i revenge or leave her with god
Anonymous Jun 20, 09:27 PM

Should i revenge or leave her with god 0

 Pls keep me anonymous, I met this girl 4 years ago we started dating for months and our houses are not too far so we could see often then  jamb came she failed and attempted suicide but didnt die tho, i thought she was depressed so i became more close to her overlooking  the suicide  as months turned into years finaly she got admitted to the university but the course she was given is theare arts at first i thought it was  ok but later on i started seeing changes in her she stoped wear hijab started wearing bump shorts and what pains me most  is shes staying off campus at  guys place which i didnt know at first  and no guy will acomodate you feed you and wount touch you in school and not even one but five to six guys . So this made me started thinking i should just leave her with god or i should sleep with her as revenge pls shawara nake nema pls


Safiyah Ahmad Jun 20, 09:38 PM
sleep with her fa kace you mean commit zina (one of the biggest sins) for revenge haba kayi tunani ka gani be dace ba haka. if i was you zan mata wa'azi idan ta ki ji zan kyale ta kawai. take her as your sister and help her not spoil her.
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Nasz Jun 21, 06:53 AM
She's not worth it,if A girl is leaving with more than one guy,my brother delete her contact,forget her name and forget her face....just stay outta her life and focus on ur beautiful one!!
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Ibrahim salis Jun 21, 11:50 AM
hmm. if it was me i wouldn't even come here to ask for advice wallahi i will sleep with her alot and dump her tunda iskanci ta sa a gaba.
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Sa'ada Jun 21, 01:41 PM
NO please don't do that to yourself zinah fah kenan kakeh Shirin aikatawa u might cause havoc for your entire generation for this mistake so please en ma bazakayi mata addu'ar shirya bah just let her be ALLAH ya shiryemu baki daya
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AnDex_Blaq Jun 21, 07:33 PM
Fadila Jun 23, 10:32 AM
It is better you should leave her with Allah I suggest so. My brother if you revenge do you want to come out of your grave on the day when mankind is resurrected, holding onto your private part? Do you not see the great difference between this and between being resurrected prostrating or reciting the talbiyah or remember of Allah ? “And those who invoke not any other ilaah (god) along with Allah,nor kill such person as Allah has forbidden,expect for just cause, nor commit illegal sexual intercourse and whoever does this shall receive the punishment “
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Faisal Jun 24, 07:16 PM
People have already given you the right replies but i just want to say this what if you decide to revenge and end up with STDs, someone that is living with 5 guys is likely to have one. kuma first of all ma ya kamata ace kana tsoran Allah just because a girl has hurt you, kana so kayi Zina, one of the biggest sins in Islam that people today take as a small deal. Kuma i think in dai kai ba ma-zinaci bane be kamata ace ma-mazinaciya ta dame ka ba, kawai ka rabu da ita ka nemi ta kirki, yanzu ko ta dena zama da guys din will you still want her bayan an gama amfani da ita? i think not so just leave her since she has devalued herself kai kuma maintain your value and find someone better.
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Halieyliey Jun 30, 05:22 AM
First let me refer you to surah hujurat of the glorious Qur'an The fact that she dresses indecently and lives amongst guys should not be a yardstick for you to conclude she sleeps with them..Allah says in surah hujurat that when one of you hears or thinks of the other in a bad manner, then first Allah says ask, investigate n get the real fact lest you act based on assumption n you hurt that person, to later find out you're'll feel really ashamed of yourself We're humans n everyone deserves the benefit of doubts Thank you
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Fauziyya Isa Hassan Dec 26, 08:16 PM
That's madness of the highest order, wallahi even if you sleep with her you will not be satisfied as the pain will still be there and in the process you have committed a big sin which the repercussion will be in the future... Its not worth it
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