Depression! I have done something very bad unintentional.
Anonymous Jun 12, 08:43 PM

Depression! I have done something very bad unintentional. 0

just kafin ramadan i met this girl that recently moved into my area. ranar da muka fara haduwa a shop zan yi siyayya she wanted to buy something and asked me which 1 will be better, i told her my opinion and left a lokacin banyi tunani wani abu ba kuma i had a belief that mata basu neman maza. From that day we use to meet time to time mu gaisa har na amshi number dinta muka fara chatting. we became friends. On Sallah day ta ce in bata goron sallah (jokingly nace ta zo ta karba ina gida) se tace tana Gida in kawo mata, she invited me. ashe parents dinta and all her siblings have gone out. as i arrived she invited inside i was like isn't there people in your house? she said no. i felt something wrong in my mind. At last she tried to seduce me i refused at first then she threatened me that if i don't do it she will shout that i came in to rape her. i never thought girls can behave in this way, haka tazo muka gama shafe shafe and i commited zina with her on sallah day. i feel very bad about it and i hate her. i have cut all communications with her now she later apologized to me but still i will never forgive her. Wallahi mata yan iska ne kuma wasu basu da Imani. i am worried about myself and the sin i have committed, i have been depressed since that day. please how can i overcome this issue ya tsaya min a rai sosai.


AnDex_Blaq Jun 13, 06:57 AM
Repent, turn back to your Lord, seek forgiveness, for Allah Ta'ala is Oft-forgiving, you should realise your mistakes, first you shouldn't have entered the house when you noticed she was alone. Well, we all make mistakes, First time is a mistake, second time, it has become a choice. Don't Make It A Choice. Make Dua frequently and free your mind and soul.
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Deejangala Jun 13, 10:49 AM
I don't even know what to say, first off it's good that you severed all ties with her, the guilt you feel is a good sign that actually it shows that you regret all that happened which is usually the first step of repentance, be more devoted pray more and never despair of Allah's mercy, your intention towards her was pure and she took advantage of that, you can't change the past but you can shape your future into a better one.
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Humayrer Jun 13, 11:35 AM
Its good dat u feel bad about it, it shows dat you are not happy,just keep asking God for forgiveness and avoid such mistakes next time...Allahu Gaffurur Rahim
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Umzaemes Jun 13, 01:17 PM
Kayi ta istigfari to Allah. And run as far as you can from such people because they are every where, make sure it doesn't happen again. Allahu gafurur raheem ne.
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MBash_87 Jun 13, 01:17 PM
ALLAH yasa batayi infecting naka da virus ba. You better to go to hospital for check-up
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Ameerah Jun 14, 12:32 AM
Pray and ask for Allah's forgiveness he's all forgiving I'm sure it wasn't intentional repent... Masha Allah since you've broken all ties Allah ya shirya Mana zuria
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Emperor Jun 16, 06:33 PM
Repent for he is a forgiver And do restrain from further implications
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khadija Jun 18, 11:05 PM
Ask for forgiveness and move on, more of like forget about it, and the fact that mata yan iska, ladies aren't the same and don't let that ideology discourage u in choosing a life partner
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Hafsah musa Dec 28, 06:09 AM
Allah ya yafe maka tunda kayi regretting but zina is a very big sin Shiyasa Allah yace kada mu kusance ta.
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