how i feel about women
shamsu Don May 18, 12:18 AM

how i feel about women 0

I wanted to share this to know if it is normal and some few men feel this way sometimes. i don't like women and sometimes i feel disgusted by them especially when they have their period its just so disgusting and all the other nasty discharge that come out of their private part. men are naturally cleaner than women and intellectually better but the annoying thing is they will be dressing fashionable and be doing yanga as if they are the purer gender some refer to themselves as slay queens after all the disgusting things that happen in their body and their small brain i wonder why some men marry and decide to be with them. Men pls what do you think about this?


Faisal May 18, 08:45 AM
it's not normal su ma mutane ne and that's how their body works it's not their choice. haka Allah yayi su. Allah yasa ka gane.
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Aiesher sadiqq May 18, 05:44 PM
This is not normal, it is ignorant to think like this it's similar to how people during Jahiliya use to think?
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Deejangala May 18, 06:11 PM
I've been waiting for iftar to say this to you, you are very very senseless incase nobody told you then I'm here to tell you, did women create themselves? Allah created us this way and only he knows why he made us like this, Are you questioning his judgement? If you have these messed up thoughts then you need spiritual, psychological and mental healing.
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Hannerh May 19, 07:59 AM
she's right and he deserves the insult why will he put us down for something we don't have control over.
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Deejangala May 19, 09:48 AM
I'll insult him over and over again, for goodness sake we did not choose to be that way, it just happened and he has the audacity to say whatever he likes, is he crazy? Does he think we enjoy missing our fasts and making up for it later or not being able to pray. Biko stay out of this.
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shamsu Don May 19, 10:22 AM
Excuse me i didn't make this post to insult women or anything its just how i feel and i wanted to share to know if there are men that feel this way to know if its normal pls read the post again i already mentioned that in the first sentence also the question was directed at men i didn't expect you to comment. zagin da kika min kuma ba komai muje a haka amma ki tuna baze rage min komai ba gashi muna watan ramadan kuma wannan magana ce ta fahimta ba zagi ba.
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shamsu Don May 19, 10:26 AM
Thank you i just wanted to hear other men opinion on it if im wrong correct me a few comments here have pointed its abnormal and i also feel like that and thats why i asked the question
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Beeberh May 19, 07:34 PM
With Ur small brain I wonder which woman will go so low to even dating a 'being' like u,are u in Ur right senses?u don't like girls' okay pls y don't u pack all of us n take us to another planet Wae purer there anything like that? Are u d one dat created this to decide Hu is pure n Hu is not?? Do u know better than Allah that created us? Ar u better Dan prophet Muhammad (saw) dat had more female kids? 2day ar u better Dan mufti menk dat has 7 girls or assim Al Hakim dat has 13 girls? Do u knw of d hadith dat says if u bring up female kids under Islam u hv a pathway to jannah? How shallow is brain?? infact ar u even using Ur brain? U are so disgusting that it's sickening to think abt!!those of u thinking he's gay,even a gay that has been cursed by Allah doesn't think this way Wallahi u shud b grateful for Ramadan I'll wud have put u in Ur right place
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Imran May 19, 08:43 PM
OP, you should have asked this in a respectful way now you see the girls are offended and insulting you back but to answer your question it is not normal because men naturally have desire for women.
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Deejangala May 19, 09:13 PM
I went through your post to actually feel bad for insulting you but unfortunately i feel you deserve more than the insults i gave you, kai har ka isa kamun maganan ramadan you should have thought about that before posting this ridiculous thoughts of yours.
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Beeberh May 19, 11:08 PM
Wllhi ya ban haushi😂
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Zeeha May 20, 04:22 AM
You should've think twice before posting this,remember the one that gave birth to you is a woman!
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shamsu Don May 20, 05:31 PM
seeing all the anger from girls and i dont want to insult back it will not do anything good to us and im sure this platform is for positive and not for insults for that reason bazan mayar da zagi ba amma gaskiya ban ji dadi ba dont be too quick to insult. secondly i apologize if i offend anyone daga baya na ga be kamata ba in ce wasu abubuwa and i humbly accept that. wallahi my intention was not to insult women i was just typing from my heart and saying my emotions that's why it sounded like that and i thot only men would be interested to read and answer as i mentioned. thirdly this is a serious question on how i feel women and i shared it to know if other men feel that way because most of my friends have girl friends and like being around girls but for me i dont. a girl tried to befriend me at school and i hated her for that i dont know why i have this dislike for women i was thinking coming to a site like this and asking strangers may help me understand it. Hope kun gane
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Humayrer May 22, 07:44 AM
So unfortunate that disgusting body you are talking about gave birth to you
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khalifa May 30, 05:56 AM
serves him rights but it’s common sense everyone know all this period girls have its normal for them and some of them have pain during mensuration fah and Allah made them that way how dare him say that they are nasty. he must be crazy
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shamsu Don May 30, 07:56 PM
I will repeat this is not a fight I am asking a question to analyze myself and see if other men see girls in that way. Kindly answer the question or just don't comment.
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Ibrahim² @King_Rhombooz May 30, 09:13 PM
Yeah it's really great that you accept your mistakes of the way you addressed them. Thanks Jazakallah bi khair for that Cox it's not everyone that can do that. I really understood you now I'm going to Answer your question. Yeah sometimes men have that thought but that's when they are listening to stories from friends which are usually lies. But sometimes you'll just feel like you hate them but it's a temporary feeling and not bcoz of what you have mentioned. I've been into a strong relatownship but I can't even realized that she's having her period until she told me that means that she really know how to take care of her self. It's normal you excrete, mess & urinate but if you purify your self you will not bring out any odour as a result. You need to change that Cox you have to marry one day and live with her in same house same bed. May Allah help you and may he guide us to the right path
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Jeeddah May 31, 05:47 AM
Well here’s my opinion. Firstly before thinking like this ,make sure you remind yourself that you came to the world through that disgusting thing/place. worse part is the disgusting thing was all over you until someone had to clean you up so please stop referring to yourself as the purer because you were also disgusting once before. This so disrespecting to the almighty and also to your mother. I was wondering why would someone be thinking like this though? Why do i even believe your a womanizer you cant stay 6-7days (of our period )without a woman. So tell me is it a man that gave birth to you?
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