where Nigeria is heading to
Anonymous May 3, 02:31 PM

where Nigeria is heading to 0

The recent cases of insecurity and crime is not a surprise to me, its something that would naturally occur anywhere under the climate of Nigeria, and trust me wallahi worst is coming, time shall tell, the country will keep deteriorating until it becomes a living hell for everyone all because of 1 thing fa that people are not talking about, when it comes to discussion of the country's issue the first thing people mention is the government, i just laugh because i actually don't blame the government because the government officials that run the government are products of our society so the problem lies deep in our societies. the same people will never talk about how people give birth to people who end up becoming a catastrophe to the society and so on. what do you think is that 1 thing that has led Nigeria to this unpleasant state and is still driving it deeper?


Anonymous May 4, 01:12 PM
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Chidi k May 5, 04:33 PM
it mostly comes from the North.
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Niems Nov 25, 08:11 AM
Really do you even know what you are saying?
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Rabi suleiman Dec 29, 11:20 AM
Gaskiya hes right, north has the highest birth rate
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Niems Dec 30, 12:11 PM
This is not an issue of overpopulation, north or not.....Nigerians are all corrupt only a few out of hundred are not. We need to start changing this, like at home, school, our work place and the rest. We need to stop blaming our government and leaders, I'm not saying that they are not at fault. No rather we need to change our attitudes too. Use your brains and find something to do, don't just wait for the government, because most crime rates are due to unemployment. God bless nigeria
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Chidi k Jan 6, 11:55 PM
what causes the unemployment? its when people give birth too much and the economy cannot sustain the population. A hausa man on average has 3 wives and 12 kids. here in the south we have 5 children on average.
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