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  • Title: I have sleep paralysis often in the morning
    Content: Wai dagaske Al jannu ne ko kuma it's something science can explain that can be solved? I'm confused I read something about it online nothing to do with Jinns but the occurrence is just so weird and out of the human world that I feel jinns are involved Has any of you has expreinced this before, what are your thoughts?
    Category: Health Apr 25, 08:31 PM
  • Title: Hypocrisy of Malam Bahaushe in polygamy
    Content: Every-time the topic of polygamy countered, the first thing this men will say is that, it is God has given them the green light to marry up to 4 wives and there are exercising their religious duty. 1. They ignore all other sunnah's and even talk down on them, e.g marrying a wife older than you, they never do this, as if its not sunnah. they will only pick a sunnah that favors them and use it as a reason to justify their actions not even for the sake of practicing the sunnah itself. 2. why will you add another wife when your current standard of living is not that good and you can use that money to improve your life instead of adding more pressure to your self 3. it is not a religious duty to marry 4 wives, its an optional sunnah if you wish to, that doesn't put any obligation on you. Gaskiya this mentality has to change, you rarely find OTHER Muslims other doing this so rampant, unlike Hausa men, all they know is to keep marrying until they reach their limit. I know someone with salary of less than 50k and has 2 wives. if you talk he will start talking of sunnah, their standard of living is low and they can't even meet basic life necessities.
    Category: Marriage Apr 1, 11:33 PM
  • Title: wai meyasa halin maza yake haka???
    Content: I was surprised, yanzu 6 years muna tare da miji na, se jiya yake ce min wai Yana dating wata, blah blah blah, abin ya bani haushi sosai, duk abinda ya kamata in yi mai, har fiye in yi Amma still se ya je nemo wata, thank God we don't have a kid yet, if he decides to proceed I'll leave the marriage kawai, either he chose me or her. why are men like this, you rarely find women having affairs after marriage.
    Category: Marriage Mar 30, 12:18 AM