Marrying a non virgin
Anonymous Nov 24, 08:12 AM

Marrying a non virgin 7

those that give advise on marrying virgins..this is for u. so those who were disvirgin already, are u discouraging them? telling them they wont have a happy home? ance kowa kadara shi yana rubuce...things happen In life definitely we can't all be perfect, mata nawa ne that were married as virgin amma suna alfasha ah waje.. I'm not a virgin, if I I should open my story it will sadden everyone, d fact I was abused as a child or the fact that as a grown up..i was abused too. message like this breaks my HRT and discourage me to even get married...all dat happened to me I didn't write it myself, if I had a book and a pen to write how I want my life to be..I'd want to have the most perfect life and be the most purest person on earth.


Anonymous #3 Nov 24, 08:20 AM
you'll have a happy home just keep praying
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AnDex_Blaq Nov 24, 08:25 AM
Firstly, I believe a larger percentage of us in this forum are Muslims. Be reminded that we were created to worship/please Allah our creator and not any other being. The issue of chastity is a complex one because growing up in our current society the vices are just overbearing. Some people get raped while they were kids/teenagers and some by their own blood relative. Some got deceived and some did it out of their own pleasure, but then we are humans, imperfect and with a lot of shortcomings. You shouldn’t blame yourself, life comes at you in a way you wouldn’t expect but at the end, everything will turn out fine. Even the men shouting “only virgins” most are not virgins themselves, you can’t give what you don’t have. You’re not alone, and just keep praying and working on yourself, the right one will come sooner or later. Cheers.
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Saudat Mansur Nov 24, 08:26 AM
am sorry dear,kici gaba da Addu'a nobody is perfect, Allah ya Baki ikon cinye jarabawar, Insha Allah zai hadaki da Wanda zai soki a yadda kk ya maidaki queen just keep praying ☺️
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Abu-Bakr Nov 24, 08:50 AM
All i pray for is good wife with a touch of Ashawo nothing concern me with virgine or not
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Trustee Nov 24, 09:29 AM
Virgin or not Tagari ake nema...
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Anonymous Nov 24, 09:55 AM
Abu-Bakr Nov 24, 10:46 AM
gashi yau kuwa na baka ko na baki Amma walahi am serious about wht i said
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Zakariya Nov 24, 10:50 AM
yar'uwata, there's nothing like that in Islam I think only those who don't understand islam will say such rubbish, in this century being vargin doesn't mean you are good and being non vargin doesn't mean you are bad, nothing bad about that, enjoy your life and don't think about negative people, whenever I want to marry I won't ask my future woman about varginity because it's not important in marriage life, just love, respect and patience with understanding,be happy, we all love you sister!!
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Abu-Bakr Nov 24, 12:12 PM
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Rhyma Nov 24, 03:02 PM
if I may ask, why the touch of ashawo? let others learn from your interest, it might go a long way
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Abu-Bakr Nov 24, 03:27 PM
being a wife with ashawo vibes makes the marriage sweeter and it restrains husbands from patronising prostitutes since there's already one who acts like that in the house.
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Abu-Bakr Nov 24, 03:28 PM
why all of you guys laffing at my comment
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Rhyma Nov 24, 03:51 PM
don't mind them ooo... you are an interesting man... you are very correct
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Abu-Bakr Nov 25, 11:14 AM
why humming
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Abu-Bakr Nov 25, 05:06 PM
ya ryt Amma fa saida kika yi dariya
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Ummeetah 2223 Nov 25, 06:03 PM
lailai kam ni kaina nayi dariya wallahi
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Mimie Nov 25, 07:31 PM
Toh abinda ka fada ne y bada dariya ae that's why
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Abu-Bakr Nov 25, 08:50 PM
Wht make it funny ko dai ashawo vibe danace ne
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Abu-Bakr Nov 25, 08:54 PM
Hmmm Ashawo vibe din
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Mimie Nov 25, 10:08 PM
Ehen nah 😹
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Abu-Bakr Nov 26, 08:28 AM
make i join you laff
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Mimie Nov 26, 10:13 AM
Yes please
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