I am heartbroken, I need advice
Anonymous Nov 24, 05:33 AM

I am heartbroken, I need advice 1

I'm sad...so I had a fight with my fiancee (he caused it) I was so hrtbroken why would he be such a monster. this got me to insult him so much which led him into telling me meeting me was a mistake and he regret meeting me ko da nafada muku mai yamin yall will rain insult on him. but as it is I love him so much so I asked him mu akura da Junane, perhaps I disgust him but him telling me ya akura is the only thing that will help me let him go for real. zuciyata Kamar zai pase...he has refused to respond to my countless message, though he called and I refused to pick dan bana san magana dashi, he said he called to give me respond that he'd call any moment which till now he hasn't and still haven given me my respond. I'm actually waiting in yace ya fasa I'd Delete and block him for real and ask someone else to pay my BP. what do u guys think? should I wait for his respond or go ahead and block him? or should I call myself and know his respond?


Ahmadu20 Nov 24, 05:47 AM
response or not, if you have decided and made up your mind not to get back together with him again then what difference does it make if he replys you...🤷 do not let your ego and pride get ahead of you. you both said alot of things to each other out of anger which can still be taken back, call each other and apologize if you still love and value each other.. my candid advice
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Aminusta Nov 24, 05:54 AM
Ai baxamu iya baki shawara har sai mun san abunda ya hadaku yakamata ki nemeshi ko bai kamata, ya sabawa Allah ko baiyi ba. In muka ce ki nemi shi bacin alfasha ya nema mun sabawa Allah. in kuma muka ce ki barshi bacin laifin kine bamu masa adalci ba. Sabo da haka ki tuna da Allah a dukkan alamura ki xauna kiga a musulunce yakamata ki nemeshi. In bai kamata ki hakura dashi sabo da Allah, ina miki albishirin in kika hakura sabo da Allah in har ya sabawa Allah to Allah xai baki wanda ya fishi. Allah yasa mu dace
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Abubakar Usman Nov 24, 05:58 AM
Asslm… sorry for what happened my dear sister but you are a bit annoying Gaskiya, waya gaya maki Ana girman Kai when it comes to marriage? do you guys really love each other kuwa? even for the sake of Allah? you started your post by putting wrong image about him which you are not suppose to mention. you sent message ok fine then he called and you refused to pick? are you really kidding us? when you love a person you should be never ever ce akura da juna that’s wrong and it means you are willing to let him go. the only good side of your situation is that as long as you have been praying to Allah and this happened it Mama’s that Allah have a better person for each of you… may Allah ease you guys pain and forgive each others and smile back together. Ameen
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Ahmadu20 Nov 24, 06:03 AM
you want to know his reply yet he called and you still ignore his calls. you see in this world there is nothing like perfect relationship or marriage, know this and know peace
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Jibril saeed Nov 24, 06:09 AM
definitely when a lady shows her man too much cares that's when she'll be crying. nah hint I give una.🏃
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Ahmadu20 Nov 24, 06:22 AM
it's up to you
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Safiyah Ahmad Nov 24, 07:15 AM
We cannot accurately advice you if we don't know the full story? what did he do to you? how intense is it? It depends gaskiya
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Ahmad Muhammad kamba Nov 24, 09:14 AM
wait! daman knada wani a gefe kenan tunda akwae wanda zakice ya biya bride price din 🙄😴
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Anonymous Nov 24, 09:57 AM
eh inada Waenda in nace sukawao Sadaki zasu kawo, daya mai mata, akwai mai mata biyu akwai kuma mara mata. amma nafisan wan nan, shima dai mai mata ne
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Sulteemaama Nov 24, 12:23 PM
exactly what really happened to me
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Anonymous Nov 24, 12:27 PM
what did u do?
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Safiyah Ahmad Nov 24, 02:08 PM
You are still not being specific, we don't know you or your boyfriend so i don't know why you are hiding the important part that can make us advice you. How can i advice you when i have no idea what he did? you are anonymous so tell us the full story
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