am just trying to please my man and look what he did
Anonymous Dec 2, 11:19 AM

am just trying to please my man and look what he did 1

slm Dan Allah advise me saurayina Yanuna yanasona Amma he told me he has anger issues and namai nasiha yace yasan fushi beda kyaui kuma inshallah zaicanza toh inason inyi testing dinshi sai namai magana nace he has ego kuma da bahak yakeba just to see his reactions shine yayi replying dat wlhi Shi bahaka yakeba Shi ba Dan kowa bane but tnx for telling him my mind, and I replied I was joking and he said no probs I should always tell him my mind indena boyemai abinda ke zuciyana Shi ba annabi bane and I said wlhi bahaka bane a Raina we continue chatting so 2days after I just decided to send him a sweet morning message I have never sent to him since we started dating saboda Naga Nima ya fahimceni we started dating 2months the message goes like dis Good morning babe💞may the blessings of today be upon you.. just reminding you I love you 💕and I miss you 🥺 have a wonderful day ahead my love ❤️😘 and he could only reply me with "good morning too how was Ur night hope u wake up fine"..and I said Alhamdulillah he now said "good anything to say?I want to sleep"and I replied pls go ahead he said "are u sure bakiyi fushiba koh talk to me"..and I told him why will I get angry when u didn't offend me..he said I should smile and I didn't reply him he now said okay nop sai anjima and I told him mujima dayawa nagode 🙏 sincerely Raina yabace sosai cos I was just trying to make him happy but ya wulakanta ni banji dadi ba but I don't know how to handle dis so he will regret it cos I know he knows be kyautaba pls what should I do nagode


Anonymous #1 Dec 2, 12:21 PM
how old are you please?
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Sgabdo Dec 2, 01:50 PM

that is what i want to know too
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Baby girl Dec 2, 02:56 PM

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Anonymous #2 Dec 2, 03:05 PM
I am sorry to say,but you can't please Some men .Actually from your conversation with him, it seems like he's still angry with you .have a words with him and know where you belongs to.Allah yasa mudace,amin
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Anonymous #3 Dec 2, 05:26 PM

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Anonymous #4 Dec 2, 05:31 PM
is it the way he replied that offended you?
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Anonymous #5 Dec 2, 06:59 PM
ni kadai ce ban fahimce mgnr nan bane koh Yaya🤔 menene abun yin fushin toh?? dan yace zaiyi Bacci koh me? to my perception kece mai anger issue Gsky.
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Habeebarty Dec 3, 12:23 AM

that is my question
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Muhammad Danjuma Jan 16, 08:07 AM
Wa'alaikumul Salam. Why did you test him, love is beyond testing. You made a mistake try to correct it. thanks
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