I feel like we are not compatible but i love her, what should i do?
Anonymous Nov 19, 04:50 AM

I feel like we are not compatible but i love her, what should i do? 0

Slkm, I'm a Yoruba guy from the UK. I'm in a long distance relationship with this Hausa girl. we both love each other and planned to marry. She's 20; I'm 29. I've met with her parents in Nigeria and stuffs but after a couple of dates I started to realize she's not my type. I'm a big guy. She's good looking but she's too slim, petite for my liking. I love her so much but I feel like we are not compatible. She's hot tempered, too quiet, not straightforward, play with my feelings, indecisive, dishonest, etc. In addition, She said She's not ready for marriage too and want to finish her education. What should I do?


Anonymous #1 Nov 19, 05:48 AM
then don't go for her if you are having such doubts and red flags about her. its better to avoid going into something you may end up regretting put your emotions aside and make a rational decision
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Anonymous #2 Nov 19, 06:18 AM
plssss u guys should know that its not our choice being too slim!
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Abubakar Usman Nov 19, 09:26 AM
Asslm bro… Hausa ladies hardly marry Yoruba guys… maybe the because both culture is opposite to each other. however, you are Muslim and she’s a Muslim, therefore, give it some space and pray about it then wait for Allah’s result (s) towards the relationship. may Allah see you through bro 😎
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Anonymous Nov 19, 12:34 PM

You're right, Sir. I have prayed about it and I'm still praying. I'm very patient with her too. I pray Allah show us the way soonest.
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Anonymous Nov 19, 02:08 PM

I had plans to bring her to UK but I'm afraid to marry her and bring her over because of these red flags. Last, She's very obstinate and have this I don't care attitude. Should I wait till she's matured enough, like give her some time to grow...What do yall think?
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Anonymous #1 Nov 19, 03:12 PM

From all indications , you are not okay with her attitude & behavior. If at this stage you don't have a smooth relationship where you feel at peace when you think of being with her. Then there is a problem. perhaps you also have different personalities and worldviews and that will only manifest conflict. My advice is find someone you feel you have chemistry and get along with.
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Ayman555 Nov 20, 01:42 AM

please come and be My wife.... I so much love slim ladies wlh
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Anonymous #2 Nov 20, 06:48 AM

🥰🥰 how can i reach out to u?
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Anonymous #2 Nov 20, 11:33 AM

haba the thing dey pain ooo😂 sae kaji kowa yana shes too slim i don't like slim girls, toh y ake so muyi ne? muma muna so muyi dan qiban nan fah baa son ran mu muka zama slim ba
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Ayman555 Nov 22, 02:37 PM

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Anonymous #2 Nov 24, 04:20 PM

I've sent u an email
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Anonymous #3 Nov 28, 08:24 AM
Mind you maybe she is not ready,you should talk to her,tell her your preference and see,if she didn’t change then let her go,marriage doesn’t stop education I HAVE THING FOR YORUBAS🌚🥰❤️
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Anonymous #3 Nov 28, 12:20 PM

i haven't been active on IG lately,but here is my email address Habibashehu31@gmail.com
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Anonymous #3 Nov 28, 04:11 PM

I will be expecting you 🥰
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Anonymous #3 Nov 28, 08:44 PM

I didn't receive the message but here is my IG handle mimii_yb
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Anonymous #3 Nov 28, 08:52 PM

I didn't receive the email but here is the IG handle mimii_yb
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Anonymous #3 Nov 28, 08:55 PM

Or you should send me your email address I will drop a message there
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Anonymous #3 Nov 29, 05:58 AM

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