He is inconsistent in communication, what should i do?
Anonymous Nov 13, 01:19 PM

He is inconsistent in communication, what should i do? 6

SLM I need advice am in a long distance relationship am about to break up with my bf he is inconsistent we hardly talk on phone Baya Kirana and when he chat me I reply it takes him 1or 2 days to say something again dana GA haka Nima I started replying him late too ..toh now am fed up I want to tell him if we can't communicate we should both go our separate ways it's eaten me up do u think am making a mistake he doesn't call at all kuma da bahaka yakeyi ba pls advise me cos I don't want to look like ni nakoreshi koh namai wulakanci but I can't continue dis way


Ayman555 Nov 13, 01:30 PM
just remove him from your mind and consider yourself single... but don't call him to break it up... He either got someone or he has doubts about you or the relationship.... Until you get something serious in relationship always have an open heart and try to forget about him... remember it's not a crime ki Kori saurayi please always have your own standard.
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Anonymous #1 Nov 13, 02:33 PM
i don't know why , but this is how mostly long distance relationship ends, i was once in it before, for no reason wlh naga yana ja baya haka dani we were always tgether before, ko girki nake muna waya and same from him too Kawai lokaci daya naga ya dena, in nayi masa magana se yace ai besan meke damunsa ba....alot dai at the end dai yanxu mun rabu a ganina indai suka fara haka toh sun gaji da relationship din
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Abdulwaliyyu Nov 13, 03:28 PM

That's too harsh. what happens to communication? poster do as you intend doing and his response will give you hint on your next line of action.
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Anonymous #2 Nov 13, 08:15 PM
Kinsan meh, perhaps yaga wata thats just it because wlhi abun da kake so zakayi kokarin creating time for it. Im speaking from experience, im a medical personnel kuma kinsan yanayin aikin mu, time flies amman duk da haka, muna magana, muna chatting amman ba sosai ba during lokacin aiki kuma yamin uzuri. In short what im trying to say is that da’ace u matter to him as much as he matters to you, bazai kai ga haka ba.
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Anonymous #3 Nov 14, 01:39 PM
It might be ,you posted something online that make him to loose interest or feel hopeless in the relationship. Some guys decided to ghost a lady with no explanation, if they found out something about her, her friends or her family.
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Sani muhammed Nov 17, 03:27 PM
chabb my sister just move on
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